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Name: Courtney

E-Mail: cjlive@sympatico.ca

Location: Toronto, ON

Webpage: http://

Date: 9/23/2003 2:17:53 AM

...There's a guestbook here??!?
Wow, I've always been so distracted by all the pics, and wonderful navigation, I never bothered to look at this until now... haha. Great to see its being used for its purpose! :-) Bring on mo' pics!


Name: Kelleigh Thiele

E-Mail: kelleigh_@hotmail.com

Location: Vancouver Island, BC...

Webpage: http://

Date: 4/5/2003 7:45:03 AM

Well, here I am, finally stumbled across this site from the help of someone...and oh my gosh, i was amazed to see all the pics of everyone i knew back in junior high and its been 7 or 8 years atleast since i seen any of you....everyone has changed so much, i cant believe it..anyways, ive been in british columbia mostly for the last 8 years aside from a little time i spent back in toronto last year for a bit, but life is good....my email is kelleigh_@hotmail.com, if anyone wants to get in touch..

Name: Ashlea Collis

E-Mail: Mosleyan@yahoo.com

Location: Ottawa, On

Webpage: http://

Date: 4/4/2003 1:02:43 AM

I know most of the people here don't remember me, but I figured I'd sign anyway, cause I was here and all. Wow- people change a LOT when you don't go back home for 3 and a half years! This is an amazingly comprehensive site, Sanford- I am really impressed. A lot of the pictures brought back memories, even though we didn't hang with the same group of people. Thanks for a nostalgic trip back to junior high and high school.
Hope everyone is well. If I owe you money, feel free to get back in touch with me at Mosleyan@yahoo.com
Best to everyone this exam season :)

Name: Oren

E-Mail: bigoren@bezeqint.net

Location: Omer, Israel

Webpage: http://

Date: 3/20/2003 3:54:19 AM

Well i've seen as much as i could handle and i've decided i'm coming back!
well maybe i decided this before but this page sure helped!

As soon as im done with this army shiat you guys better prepare for the return of the B I G, you know.. BIGLER.. ah forget it no one has a f***ing clue who i am but maybe you will soon!!!

Name: Hong Kong Marcus Wong

E-Mail: marcus_wongeh@hotmail.com

Location: Toronto, ON

Webpage: http://www.vanderpark.com

Date: 12/29/2002 3:59:49 PM

What is up, my brothaz (and sistaz)! Just wanted to sign the guestbook to let everyone who reads this know that Sanf is the man. Great x-mas party! Also, Sanf and I used to watch DARKWING DUCK after school in Rockford.

Name: Loki

E-Mail: Loki_711@hotmail.com

Location: Toronto, ON

Webpage: http://www.ald.utoronto.ca/~vin_m/

Date: 12/7/2002 2:19:38 PM

Oh i'm with you on this one, Mishka. Sanford, you got yourself into this mess, and now you gotta do it RIGHT!!! If you're not, we're gonna auction the site off to someone who can update it on a regular basis... i mean, where are all the halloween pics? where's all the RECENT stuff. Surely you've "updated" it, but you're putting on SUMMER PICS?? a bit behind the times, aren't we? You have a lot of catching up to do during the winter break, boyeee ;-)

Other than that, love the site, love it... and ANSWER MY E-MAILS YOU BUM!!!!

Name: Liana

E-Mail: liana_1_@hotmail.com

Location: Toronto, ON

Webpage: http://

Date: 8/31/2002 11:20:17 PM

Well I was just out with mike v and eli and they told me to check out your site, now I don't know if anybody will remember me but I was the yearbook geak at newtonbrook, yup yup that was me...anyway I think I have some pics to contribute I will see what I can do...

Name: Not me


Location: Seoul, Korea


Date: 8/20/2002 11:30:20 AM

ME! I like that idea Mike. And wow, did I ever tell you how handsome you are...

Name: Mikey

E-Mail: mishka247@hotmail.com

Location: Seoul, Korea


Date: 7/27/2002 5:16:09 PM

Ok sif. Here's the deal. when you're in Korea and you want to nkow what's happening in Canada it's hard to keep updated when you're stuck in 2001. we're halfway through 2002 and nuthin'.

And, I've heard that excuse about the superduper beta version webpage your "designing" but no chips man.

I love this website to bits and it's dying to be updated...

Who's with me on this one?

Name: Loki

E-Mail: Loki_711@hotmail.com

Location: Toronto, ON

Webpage: http://www.students.yorku.ca/~yu269711/

Date: 5/11/2002 7:36:34 PM

Re: The Webpage Link

DAMN THATS SOME WEIRD-ASS SHIT!!! It was late, and we were bored... SUE US!!!

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